White-Browed Robin-Chats

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White-Browed Robin-Chats are reasonably common in East, Central and Southern Africa. They inflate their chests and open their beaks wide to sing their melodious dawn and dusk song, sometimes repeating a sequence as many as ten times.

In Eastern Africa, the White-Browed Robin-Chat breeds twice, during the two rainy seasons. The female builds the nest, which is made of dead leaves, twigs and other plant material and built in a tree hole, stump, sapling, roots, river bank, or on the ground. There will usually be a clutch of two or three eggs, though occasionally these are at risk from the Red-Chested Cuckoo.

Edition of 5. Museum-quality Giclée print on fine art paper, mounted on aluminium. Sizes: A5, A2

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White-Browed Robin-Chats


Steve Russell

Size (s)

A2, A5


Each Variation is an edition of 5


Hahnemühle Baryta Mounted on Aluminium, Hahnemühle Baryta Mounted on Aluminium

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