Von Höhnel’s Chameleon Tail (Detail)

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Once back in the UK, I had an opportunity to photograph some preserved, dead chameleons and these needed the ultimate studio set-up. Lighting had to be perfect and the multiple 200 mega pixel focus-stacked files meticulously stitched together. Each fragile specimen had to be extracted from its jar of spirits and carefully placed and once photographed, quickly returned to its smelly sarcophagus. Though they provide a bit of a contrast to the live animals, these dead ones are elevated by a certain opalescent quality, beautiful in its own right.

C-type metallic print.

Edition of 5.

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Von Höhnel's Chameleon Tail (Detail)


Steve Russell

Size (s)

105mm x 74mm in 320mm x 260mm Frame





C-type Metallic Print

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